How to Choose Your Travel Wardrobe:10 Ideas For Women Travelers

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Ten tricks to choose your travel wardrobe so that no unnecessary items find a place in your luggage. 

1-First and most important for your safety on the road, coordinate the dressing style with the local customs of the country that you visit. In many places, you will be considered as an easy target for harassment, especially if you travel solo. So, respect the culture and dress properly. I don’t speak, of course, going extreme in covering your head and face in strict Muslim countries, but who knows…

2-Consider the climate – if it’s wet, hot, with big differences between day and night air temperatures. It’s not nice to get sick during travelling, right?

3-Use your imagination to arrange your clothing according to the theme.  What do I mean? In Morocco, you can use more colourful clothes in richer and varied fabrics. During your Africa’s wanderings cover your body with light cotton fabric in Safari style. I adore these khaki trousers with big pockets on the sides!

4-Decide the colour scheme of your clothing for this specific trip. Whatever is your style, make sure that almost all of the clothing pieces can be worn interchangeably because you can’t predict all the weather and other unforeseeable circumstances.

5-Think about the cleaning. Choose clothes that can be washed by hand and are easy to dry. This can save you big time and a lot of nerves.

6-Donot travel with expensive brand clothes. Unless you are going to have a luxurious vacation in Mexico (or on the Maldives…. :)), the clothes that you take are those you will not regret losing or giving as a gift to someone. This can happen, especially if you travel in a country with a low standard of life.

7-Think about the shoes. What are the shoes that never tired your feet? Take them with you. Never even consider taking new, shining, yet untested shoes. They will just take place in your luggage and most probably will make you calluses just after one day wearing.  Here are some ideas for comfortable shoes: Shoes for Women Travellers

8-Donot forget your accessories. Belts, hats, scarves and jewellery, all these add uniqueness to your dressing and show to the people who you are. So do not deprive yourself of your personality. Just take a lighter, not expensive jewellery pieces with you that are also fitting the different clothing ensembles in your luggage.

9-There is common knowledge that the heavier clothes and shoes you should wear during the air flights because your luggage will not be over weighted. Yes and no. It depends on the destination. I hate travelling long distance flights with my largest jacket and heavy ankle boots, for example. If the destination is Cuba, I definitely wear Spring/Autumn jacket and shoes for the same seasons even if my departure destination is the snowy, winter Europe. Comfort is important.

10-Expect to indulge yourself with shopping. Always leave a place for the new clothing items that you possibly will buy at the destination. There are always some traditional, beautiful pieces that you would like to add to your wardrobe at home. These pieces will change your look as the travel changes you. 


Choose your travel clothing according to the local customs


Consider the climate


Take comfortable shoes


Don’t forget the accessories

Shopping leather sandals in Cuba

Leave space for the purchases – such as leather sandals from Cuba

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