13 TV Series for People Who Love to Travel


A person can travel in many different ways. Often the only tool you need is your imagination. The tv series listed below are some of my favorite and when watching them I find my mind wandering in faraway places, dreaming of ‘what could be to be there’.


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  1. Midsomer Murders (1997 – )

Features: the English countryside; Oxfortshire, UK  

Seasons: 17 so far (!!!)

If you want to have a real feel of the English province life, this is the series for you. Small windows, beautiful gardens, and dark and cozy pubs, village rumors and bizarre stories … And not to forget the element of mystery … This crime series will entertain you for as long as you stay nonjudgmental about the lifestyle and culture in the English countryside. It is based on the book series Chief Inspector Barnaby, written by Caroline Graham.

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  1. McLeod’s Daughters (2001-)

Features: South Australia

Seasons: 8

Have you dreamed about a road trip in Australia? I have! Dusty roads, large paddocks, cattle and horses pasture around. This is one of my favorite tv series. It is romantic, it is adventurous and it is a lifetime story, lifetime of a family, where only women remained. It is a story about women who love their land and who fight with the life’s challenges to keep this land and their home within the family. Meanwhile, there are stories of love and hate, sorrow and happiness, goodness and badness… It is an old series but totally worth watching it if you didn’t since now.



  1. Republic of Doyle (2010 –)

Features: St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

Seasons: 6

Republic of Doyle is a crime series about lovely and funny family. As private detectives, father and son solve crimes but also help the people they meet on the cases. Around the two there is a small supporting group of family members, each one of them with his individual character and personal problems.  Easy to watch, hilarious and very human, this movies features one of the best views of Newfoundland and make you want to jump in the next plane.



  1. Transporter (2012-)

Features: South of France and other places

Seasons: 2

The stories run in fast face, the city lights and places are passing quickly before your eyes as the speed is increasing. The series is centered in south of France and the beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea are often shown. However, in the second season there were episodes that show   other places like Germany, Rome, Tripoli, Sahara Desert and even Crimea. Entertaining and with a lot of action, we can only be sorry that this series has only two seasons.



  1. Death in Paradise (2011-)

Features: Caribbean, Guadeloupe

Seasons: 5

A little bit too polished, too clean, this series shows the life on one of the Caribbean Islands – Guadeloupe. Together with the investigation of crime cases, the newcomer English inspector reveals the local culture, the secrets of the island life, and the freedom of living in a Caribbean paradise but also the existence of some strange and scary religious ceremonies. Apart of the tropical beach views and funny stories, another interesting perspective of this series is the obvious contrast between the local Caribbean culture and the culture of the wealthy foreigners who came here to live uneventful island life. You will laugh and dream about going to Guadeloupe but don’t forget – it is just a movie. The real life may not seem so tidy and beautiful.



  1. Game of Thrones (2011-)

Features:  Dubrovnik, Seville, Belfast and others

Seasons: 6

I am not sure I have to introduce this series. The bold and scary, brutally honest and limitless in the unexpected turn of the story Game of Thrones is one of these series that change the way the whole tv industry looks like. But here you speak about travel. Why Game of Thrones is in this list? It is fictional world with nonexistent kingdoms. And still, there are real places that make the shooting of these series possible. The most famous and well know is Dubrovnik aka the King’s Landing. Although the places are not easily recognizable after applying the special effects, the 5th season features three countries – Croatia, Spain and Northern Ireland.



  1. Inspector Montalbano (1999 – )

Features: Sicily

Original title: Il commissario Montalbano

Seasons: 9

Handsome man, respected policeman, stories about the Mafia and passionate love, local food and gorgeous Sicilian sunsets – what more to expect from a tv series from Sicily? What more a girl needs? Together with the crimes solved, you can observe the daily life of the local people, what is their way of interacting with each other and the respect they have to the elder people and women. But I believe the best part is when at the end of the day Commissioner Montalbano goes home and sits with a glass of wine on the terrace with magnificent view to the sea. You can even hear the splashing waves and probably will sincerely envy him for the walk on the beach (as I do!) Actually you can visit ‘his’ house – you will find it the Punta Secca, 135 km from the airport of Catania.



  1. Cedar Cove (2013 – )

Features: Deep Cove, North Vancouver, Canada.

Seasons: 3

A little bit naïve and without real life turmoil as all Hallmark channel movies are, this tv series are still totally worth watching. Was filmed in British Columbia, Canada but the television series as well as the book are based on the life in Port Orchard, Washington, US.  Beautiful sceneries, amicable relationships between the local society members, the series features the life in a small US town but focusing on the life of the local judge – the respected and respectful Judge Olivia Lockhart. Together with her story you will have a look on one of the most beautiful places in Canada. This tv series is very good for ladies who just want to relax at the end of the day with a glass of good wine and nice movie. Check it out!



  1. Crossing Lines (2013-)

Features: Europe

Seasons: 3

This is one of the best crime series with stories from all over Europe. The idea behind the crime investigation unit working on cases happening in different parts of the continent is brilliant. The team tracks cases that ‘cross borders’ and make connections that will not be possible otherwise. However, behind all these crime focused stories are the personal stories of each member of the team. Refreshingly emotionally deep, this tv series makes you feel closer to the characters and somehow don’t let you stay uninvolved. Also worth mentioning the bold acting presence of Donald Sutherland, somehow balancing all other film personalities and creating a bond between people coming from different countries and with different background.



  1. The Book of Negroes

Featuring:  Africa, England, America

Seasons: 1

The incredible performance of Aunjanue Ellis makes this tv series absolutely memorable. The story is inspired from true events (based on the novel Someone Knows My Name) and is centered on brave and intelligent woman who was kidnapped as a child from her African village. Through the whole story, what makes her strong and helps her to survive and continue forward is her wish to go back to her home in Africa. But what I like also in her story is her absolutely unconditional and true love to her husband, and even more – her ability to forgive. This is movie that every woman should see – not for only for entertainment but also to remind her of the strength and love every one of us carries deep inside.



  1. Catastrophe (2015- )

Features:  London

Seasons: 2

Frankly brutally honest but nevertheless amusing, this movie seemingly cynical and superficial is in fact a good song of what it is to create a whole new world by bonding two different cultures and allowing love and trust to intuitively guide you through a process of total life change. A couple meets unexpectedly in London, and what they believe is just a few days sex in a hotel room becomes much more serious. The pregnancy changes their lives and makes them take decisions that will bring them to new, exciting but also scary situations. The different English accents of the main characters (American and British) and the snaps of London make this series one of the fresh new comers on the tv horizon.  



  1. Jo (2013- )

Featuring: Paris

Seasons: 1

With the help of one of the best French actors, Jean Reno, this tv series has really ‘French’ feel. Every episode shows different parts of Paris while inspector Jo is investigating the crimes. There is one drawback (at least for me, maybe not for you). The stories and the background of this tv series are situated in Paris but everybody speaks perfect English while the only French (and main character) is struggling to speak English with terrible French accent. I believe it should be done in the opposite way – the French to speak French and to be subtitled. It would be much more authentic. 

Have you watched some of these tv series?

What is the series featuring your favorite destination? Or maybe you have some others in mind that I didn’t include? Share them in the comments!  

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