See These Unusual Places in Bulgaria Recommended by Bulgarian Travel Bloggers

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It is a fact that I, even spending half of my time in my home country Bulgaria, am not so well acquainted with all its beautiful and curious places.  Country like this, with long past (more than 1300 years now), with piebald political history and rich culture has a lot to show to the curious traveler. For this article I asked the help of those who know most of the hidden touristic gems and have thorough knowledge about Bulgaria. Four Bulgarian travel bloggers shared their special, less known and unusual places in Bulgaria and I am sure you will feel touched by the uniqueness of the Bulgarian nature and culture.

Tsari Mali Grad and the Village of Belchin

Julia from Time2Travel says that this place has “exceptionally mild climate, amazing landscapes and land soaked with history”. For her, this is a place emotionally connected with her childhood and the happy summers spent with the family and young cousins. And we believe her, who can know more secrets about a place than the kids who discover the world with wide open eyes?!

 Why does Julia recommend this region? Here are the reasons:

  • The village of Belchin is only 50 km away from the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia.
  • Tsari Mali Grad is a place that saw its development through different eras. For the first time, it was used as a pagan sanctuary of the Thracian people but later was transformed into an early Christian church in the fourth century.
  • In the area were also found ruins from the time of the Roman Empire when a fortress with strategic position was built here.
  • The Romans had well-developed road network and in Bulgaria, you can see many traces of these important for its time Roman roads. Tsari Mali Grad is not an exception. The place was chosen because it was at crossroad of two ancient main roads – to Macedonia and Constantinople.
  • Another important reason why Romans built the town in the region was the mineral deposits found here.
  • Another reason to visit Belchin and Tsari Mali Grad, especially for the adventurers, can be the way you can visit the place – walking in the nature, taking the small train or by car (but better is to have an offroad vehicle).

More about Julia:

Julia has a degree in Archaeology and this undoubtedly influences her travel interest and way of seeing the places. For people like me, interested and even fascinated by history (and stories, because what is history without stories) the destinations that she shares are always surprisingly new and full of tales.

Cari Mali Grad

Cari Mali Grad, photo Time2Travel 

Temple-well near the Village Gurlo, region of Pernik

I have never heard of temple-wells before. As often happens, Bulgaria surprises me. Elena from DrumivDumi reveals this so special and mystical place.

“And right there, when you glimpse the stone steps down leading to the temple, it seems that time stops. Then, you start to feel like you go back, very backward in time. That this temple is not maintained and not a museum only reinforces the sense of connection with that ancient time.”

Why the Temple-well worth visit?

  • This is probably one of the oldest temples in Bulgaria. It is dated 12th – 10th century BC.
  • Was discovered in 1972 but it is still not organized to be easily visited.
  • Not well know and popular for visit which makes the place even more interesting.
  • As the access to this place is not easy, your visit can be seen as a adventure from Indiana Jones movies. 🙂
  • The temple is considered to be the sole representative of the culture “Nuraghe” (wow, just found something common with Sardinia!) in Bulgaria.

More about Elena:

Eli, as most of her friends call her, has a soul of scientist. She worked many years at the Bulgarian Academy of Science and her love for ‘research’ is now used for her travels in Bulgaria. This, I guess, is the bit which makes her travel blog so interesting. She finds places in the country that are very little known and often forgotten but as all the Bulgarians know there are myriads of special places that are undiscovered but bear some special energy – either because of their history or natural location. Eli is one of these ‘travel scientists’ who show us that travel can be real discovery and challenge to your natural curiosity even in your own home country.

Temple-well -Nuraghe culture

Temple-well, photo DrumivDumi


Maria from TravellingBuzz says that Tryavna is one of those places that everyone should see in Bulgaria. Here are her reasons:

My absolutely most favourite little town in Bulgaria that I think everyone should visit at least once is Tryavna. It is situated in Central Bulgaria, in the mountains. Tryavna is absolutely charming and picturesque place with preserved Revival spirit and atmosphere.

There are plenty of things to do in and around Tryavna. The region itself is full of sightseeing opportunities such as the architectural-ethnographic complex Etara, Bacho Kiro cave, Dryanovo and Dryanovo Monastery… In Tryavna you can just walk around the old town and feel the unique atmosphere that will bring you back in time. In this article you can see more photos from Tryavna that will hopefully make you want to go there.

I can add that Tryavna is one of these small places in Bulgaria that are typical and easy to visit. In addition, the mass tourism is far from Tryavna – on the Black Sea side and Sofia/Bansko so you can enjoy your visit fully.  

More about Maria:

Maria is a travel enthusiast that enjoys content creation and successfully combines these two not only in her travel blog but also as a freelance content creator.  She shares tips and ideas for travelling in Bulgaria and Europe. Her right hand, Krasi, is IT specialists and shares her passion for travel and technology. Their motto – ‘Follow happiness’, speaks enough for their philosophy in life.  What better life than one filled with love and adventures?!


Tryavna, photo TravellingBuzz


Adriana from AdventureFlair also shared one of her favorite places in Bulgaria with WWT. Here’s what she says about it:

Buzludzha monument is one of my very favorite places in Bulgaria and probably the creepiest one I ever been to. The last years it became popular among the foreign tourist, but it is still one of the off beaten Bulgarian sights. I absolutely love that place, because every time I visit it seems like I go for the first time. Every visit is totally different. The monument could be covered with snow, lit by the sun, wrapped by fog or surrounded by greenery or colorful autumn landscapes. It’s absolutely worth it!

I can add that Buzludzha monument has been a favorite place for photographers as well. Some really impressive pictures were made here. Just ask Google and you will see! In the list of the Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World the monument ranks 25th.

Its construction started in 1974 but was opened to the public in 1981. The place is closely connected with the socialist ideology and it is considered as a holy place from the members of the Socialist Party because here in 1891 was organized the founding congress that was the first step toward organized labor movement in Bulgaria.

Read more about Buzludzha Monument in Adriana’s professional site.

More about Adriana:

Adriana is a person who describes herself as a ‘child of the world’. She says her best friend is her backpack and we totally believe her! With such free spirited soul and hunger for adventure, she is definitely one of the courageous and open minded women that we admire so much!

Buzludzha monument

Buzludzha monument, photo AdventureFlair

Dancing Bears Park, Belitsa

At the end, let me show you one of my unusual favorite places in Bulgaria. I don’t believe many foreigners know about this place and I think is one of those suitable for everybody.

The idea behind the park is to shelter all the bears that were used during a long time as an attraction by the local gypsies. I still remember when I was a young girl and saw for the first time one of these poor animals. I was curious and liked to watch them and then, at such young age, I didn’t have a clue how they were taught to ‘dance’. Now, I am happy that I don’t see bears dancing on streets and fairs for the people’s entertainment and for their owner’s financial benefit. Now I like to see them in their natural habitat and to admire their beauty and strength.

The exact name of the park is “Park for re-adaptation of dancing bears”. Their stories are terrible. These bears were kept in slavery (I have no other word to use for that practice) and they didn’t know how to survive on their own in nature. It is the Brigitte Bardot’s Foundation that made this project possible.

Now you can see all the dancing bears in the park and every one of them has its own history and name. Just like humans. I love to visit the park – because of the bears but also because of the wild nature and fresh mountain air. There are few places for picnicking and you can spend the whole day around. You will not regret your visit! Read my guidelines on how to visit the park

Dancing bears park_unusual places in Bulgaria

Dancing Bears Park

The Scary Lake, Rila Mountains

Bilyana from Owl Over the World says that this place is one of the best for peace-searching souls and despite its name, not scary at all. 

This is one of this places where you forget about time and worries. Not popular even to the Bulgarians, the Scary Lake is a special place, and once you go there you would want to come back for more. The place captures you with his unique beauty and silence.

The lake is located in the northwest parts of Rila mountain, at the foot of the peaks Little, Middle and Big Kupen. Next to the lake there is a shelter where you can spend the night. The shelter is free to be used. It’s equipped with oven and supplies of fuel left from people who have been there. Water can be found near the shelter where a small stream flows out of the lake.

The name Scary was given to the lake because of the sounds that are heard during the storm. The best way to get to the lake is from the Central Mountain School ‘’Maliovitsa”, to where you can reach by car or by bus from Samokov. From there starts the green mark for the lake. The hike is around 2 hours.

Why should you visit the Scary Lake?

–          To immerse yourself in the beauty of the Bulgarian nature;

–          To escape from the reality (even for a little);

–          To enjoy wonderful time in the mountain;

–          To feel free

Scary or not, the place is stunning and the time spent there is an absolute joy.

More about Bilyana:

Bilyana is a young traveller that loves owls (hence, the name of her blog), raspberry wine and off the beaten path places. In her blog, she shares information about adventure travel and writes about hiking, camping, trekking and skydiving. As she puts it – she is an adrenaline junkie, so if you are one too – check her blog to learn what active adventures Bulgaria offers to you.  

scary lake rila mountain bulgaria

Scary Lake, photo OwlOvertheWorld

These are some of the special places that Bulgaria has to offer to the curious traveler. The Bulgarian travel bloggers are the ones that have the most knowledge and are passionate to show you their home country and its hidden gems. Follow them to gain more insights and to prepare your Bulgarian trip by including some really unique places in your itinerary. Ask them questions too. They will be happy to help you!

Tell me, do you have been to Bulgaria? Have you found a place that seemed really remote and yet very unique? 


Unusual Places in Bulgaria Recommended by Bulgarian Travel Bloggers

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  2. What a great post, Geri! I have only been to Tryavna and I love it. Haven’t been to the other places and all of them seem amazing! Need to do some Bulgarian travels!

    • Often we don’t know our own country because we are so keen to know more about the rest of the world. This is the good part – it is never late to discover what gems are hidden in our backyard. 🙂

    • You’re welcome! There are many places in Bulgaria worth visiting and still less known. 🙂

    • Hi @radosarov! Thanks for your comment! I haven’t been there but I believe the blogger that shared this tip with me knows very well the place. You can refer to the link to her blog and read her article in Bulgarian. 🙂

    • Hello, Radosarov
      The information is absolutlly correct. There is a funicular-cable railway that is going straight to the fortress.

  3. I am happy you like it, Eli! But let me say it – you are the real star here. Your temple-well was really something that I never heard of ! 🙂 Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. Hi Geri! Congratulations for your so nice website full of quite interesting and useful information related to traveling and thanks for wonderful presentation of me, my blog and one of my favorite places!

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