5 Reasons to Visit Vienna in December

Vienna in December


Christmas is a favourite holiday for most of us. Here are five reasons why one should go at least once in the Austrian capital Vienna in December. In many cases, after the first visit in the month of December, people return every year in Vienna.

Why? Here’s why:




The Christmas markets are the favourite places for Vienna’s visitors in December. They have existed for a long time and are a tradition that has become a good tourist product. At these markets, you can buy Christmas decorations, gifts, handmade candles, wooden statues, honey,  cloth dolls and many other interesting things.



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Despite the diversity of offerings, the favourite stands of tourists are the ones that sell traditional Christmas punch. Very tasty are the “brezeln”, bagels that have diverse taste, many of them poured with chocolate. But the most suitable for cold weather is the roasted chestnuts. Their savour wafts away and mixed with the aroma of punch creates an amazing flavour that you can recognize even in your dreams. It’s Christmas in Vienna!




The Viennese Christmas punch will take a separate section because it is the thing that no one should miss trying! It is made from wine, fruit, sugar, and rum, but there are many varieties in the preparation. The drink has a long history, and it is also made in Germany, England, and other countries. However, the punch of Vienna has earned the well-deserved first place.



As mentioned above, its smell (and taste!) creates an incredible mood at every Christmas market in Vienna. Each stand has a different recipe, so you can always try something new. And on each bazaar, the punch comes in a different cup. The cost of the punch (250g) is € 3.50. You will need to pay 2 euros deposit for the porcelain cup that will be returned when you return the cup. In most cases, people keep them because these cups are thematically related to the place of which is held bazaar. The one I brought back home, for example,  is with Schönbrunn Palace on it.





Christmas atmosphere on the streets of Vienna is made of an enticing mixture of Christmas markets, Christmas-themed drinks and food, decorations, Christmas carols, people dressed warm and many different faces coming from around the world. In fact, everywhere in the streets of Vienna in December, you can feel the Christmas spirit.


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Whether staring in shop windows (many of them screaming: 50% discount), drinking coffee in a café (even in Starbucks the music is associated with Christmas) or looking at some of the beautiful cathedrals, you will always feel the holiday spirit. The streets are colourful and vibrating with life, full of people from different backgrounds. The Christmas spirit in Vienna does not leave anyone untouched –  families with young children and elderly couples strolling dignified in their expensive fur coats are all lifted up by the holiday mood spreading around its white wings.




Vienna in December


If you spend a few days to visit the Austrian capital, you will have time to visit Christmas markets but also to visit some sights. Surely you will need at least a week if you want to see everything. What not to miss are the Schönbrunn Palace (Schloss Schönbrunn), St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom), the Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum) (housed in a beautiful building), the Danube  Tower (Dunauturm) (with stunning views over the whole Vienna).




Vienna in December



Tourists have a choice between numerous restaurants, bars, and pastry shops. Vienna is a capital in which a person does not feel suppressed by the crowd and the time. The traffic is peaceful and people are not in a hurry. There are many young people, but there are also native Viennese, who add class to the atmosphere of the city.


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Every visitor has a great choice of places of his taste. Many tourists line up at front of the classic Viennese cafes included in tourist guides (such as café Sacher and café Mozart). Others prefer restaurants serving traditional local cuisine. Third prefer to mix with young people in trendy bars and clubs, many of which offer a mixture of a music of different genres.

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  1. Great post! I have to admit I am hopelessly mad about Vienna, and would jump in the first plane there if I could. You highlighted the best parts of the Christmas spirit there, I miss the amazing Apfestrudels and Vienner Schnitzels…
    By the way, the pretzel in that picture looks massive and delicious! I wish I had one right now!
    Thanks for sharing all these marvelous details, have a nice day! 🙂

    • Thank you, Cristina! I loved your comments. 🙂 It was my first visit of Vienna and I hope that it will not be the last one. Vienna has many faces and I feel that I saw just one of them. You have lovely blog too.Wish you good luck and have a very beautiful and warm winter holidays!

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