LET’S PRESERVE THE PLANET: Virunga National Park Movie

In an attempt to continue the series of posts “Let’s preserve the planet”, today I’m going to tell you about the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the film dedicated to this magical place. I think this film deserves to win the Oscar not only in the category of documentary filmmaking, but also as the best movie of the year. Why? Here are my arguments:



Photo: virungamovie.com



  • The film tells the real stories of people risking their lives to protect the park and the gorillas during the civil war.
  • The director’s plan initially was to make a story about the rangers and the gorillas in the park but he got caught in the starting civil war and this changed the focus of the film.


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  • The film shows several aspects – the civil war, the lives of four of the main characters, the risk of illegal activity of British oil company and the care about the mountain gorillas living in the wild.
  • The film is nominated for Academy Award for Best documentary feature.
  • The movies received acclaim by the critics and already won some awards since it was officially released in April 2014. 
  • As a result of the movie, the pressure over the British oil company Soco International has increased. This, however, doesn’t mean that the battle for the bright future of Virunga National Park is over. 


Virunga_map_Congo     Map: virunga.org

INTERESTING FACTS about Virunga National Park:

Photos: virunga.org


  • Virunga has a breathtaking beauty, unique with its active chain of volcanoes and rich diversity of habitats.
  • It is Africa’s oldest national park. It was established as Albert National Park in 1925.  
  • The team of rangers protect the park and its inhabitants.
  • The park in the only natural habitat for the mountain gorillas




  • UNESCO’s world heritage site since 1979, included in the List of World Heritage in Danger in 1994.  
  • The main conflict, when talking about the tourism potential of the Virunga park, is between the protection of the sustainable environment and the economic development of the region.
  • The British company Soco International makes informal studies of deposits of oil in the bowels of the park. One purpose of the film is to stop further development of oilfields in the park, which would threaten the existence of the park and its valuable and rare animals.


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  • The park is not a safe place and its existence is at risk.
  • 140 rangers died in the past 20 years to protect the park.
  • Director of the park since 2008 is real noble – prince Emmanuel de Merode who belongs to the most ancient and influential Belgian families.  
  • In the Virunga National Park are observed the most spectacular mountain landscapes in Africa.


Watch the official trailer of Virunga movie HERE 



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2 Comments on “LET’S PRESERVE THE PLANET: Virunga National Park Movie

  1. Thank you so much for the movie info. I would like to watch it but perhaps it will break my heart..I get overly sensitive when watching movie related to animals vulnerable situation 🙁 But I hope the movie will bring positive energy to wildlife protection in its natural habitat.

    • It is more about the connection between people and animals. It is terrible when we think what the humanity did and continue to do against the nature. Just yesterday I learned that the African lions have decreased by 80 % since 1975. Just unspeakable!

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