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Athitos or also called Afitos is a village on the westernmost peninsula of Halkidiki, which fascinates the traveller with the charm of a small provincial seaside town. It has preserved its individuality among the many new and updated tourist complexes. Being in Athytos, one feels that time slows down and begins to flow with the texture of thick, sweet honey. Time spent in the village will be one of the best experiences of your entire stay in Kassandra Peninsula.


The Charm of Halkidiki


During the summer evenings in the downtown Athitos, there are flocking crowds of tourists from different nationalities. Most often they are families with children or young, still childless couples. The restaurants offer almost the same menu and service is at the same level, so the only difference between them is the atmosphere and the view. The most pleasant entertainment at sunset is a walk along the promenade, rising high above the sea and providing a breathtaking view.



Athytos has a rustic charm, which together with its historical past and his present touristic atmosphere define it as a place that must be seen when visiting the Kassandra peninsula.




Here you will find typical Greek atmosphere represented in the air smelling of cooked fish, set for supper wooden tables and chairs under lush green vine trellis and refreshing breath of chilled anisette. Let’s not forget the tumult of Greek speech, by which the noisy locals celebrate their reunion with close friends and relatives in the restaurants and on the streets of the village.


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In the narrow streets, filled with crowds of tourists after dinner time, you can see small shops selling jewellery and souvenirs, as well as honey and homemade olive oil.




The restaurant with the parrot was personally recommended by our hostess and we trusted her completely. The small restaurant is outside the promenade circle that overlooks the sea but has a much cosier look.




The parrot apparently had accepted his fate and welcomed the guests with calm attitude and dignity. 




The rich selection of seafood was obvious, but it seems that only children were impressed by the dead sea creatures in the window at the entrance of the restaurant.




The wood and stone on the restaurant’s facade matched perfectly to the rustic style typical of the village.






Whether you order seafood or other Greek specialities, meals are always delicious and plentiful.




We were the only women-only group among many couples and companies, but we had a lot of fun, as only girls can have! 




As in all restaurants around, and the one with the parrot compliments its clients with a dessert of fresh watermelon slices. Some restaurants add a cup of liquor which fits perfectly with the taste of watermelon.




We saw shop for religious (church) attributes (this type of shops you can encounter throughout Greece), although it was difficult to understand what importance such attributes can have for a person coming from outside.




It is always a pleasant sight to see the creation of something beautiful. In this case, it was about painted in warm colours roof tiles, which will serve as a memento of Athytos.



You can get dizzy from the view from the terraces of the promenade. There is so much expanse of sea, salt air, and infinity …




Walk at sunset. Before dinner or after dinner it is always a good idea. It’s hard to get away from this place and leave. 


Would you like to visit Athitos? Have you been to Greece before?

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  1. Looks like a charming place! All the islands in Greece seem to have such different characters…

    • Yes, indeed. And there is even bigger difference between the south and the north part of the country.

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