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I have never been to Indonesia but there is one place that I found recently online that makes me feel like I should plan a trip to this Asian country as soon as possible. This is Bandung Indonesia.  While I was reading about Bandung, it occurred to me that there are so many interesting destinations that we don’t know about, especially in Asia, a continent that became a very popular destination in the past years but still has secrets to tell us. Asia for me is an unexplored place, except for Japan that I have visited last year. 


Gedung Sate: photo – Bandung Tourism

There are many things to see and do in and around Bandung but these caught my attention the most.  

 Bandung’s Colonial Heritage  

Bandung is nicknamed Paris of Java because of its European atmosphere during the colonial times. But later, the city got another nickname – the Flower City (Kota Kembang). With these intriguingly beautiful names, Bandung is a type of a place many people would love to visit. Not far from the huge and chaotic Jakarta, Bandung became a vacation retreat, a weekend escape and a place to indulge in cultural and gastronomic discoveries. It sure sounds like a nice place to have a vacation. If you are an architecture aficionado like me, you would want to check some of these buildings – Gedung Sate, Savoy Homann Hotel, Gedung Merdeka and Villa Isola. 

There is a lot to do around Bandung  

Bandung is situated between volcanic mountains and a day out of the city can make a trip unbelievably remarkable. I would like to stroll through Taman Hutan Raya Park and walk around the white lake Kawah Putih. I wouldn’t mind spending a day at the ‘mother of all hot springs’, the Ciater natural hot springs which water is so good for rheumatism and skin problems. And then, there are waterfalls; many of them. But if there is not enough time to see them all, I would choose to visit the Cinulang waterfall situated just 11 km from Bandung and for which I will need to pay just 0.20$ for the entrance fee (+0.10$ for a vehicle)! I probably would end the day watching the sunset from the Moko Highland with a magnificent view of the sparkling city lights while I am sitting surrounded by the lush greenery of the Indonesian nature. What a great way to finish the day!


 Photo of the White lake

And there is the food! 

Beginning with the abundance of places for delicious breakfast, visiting the several uniquely themed restaurants like the “doll house” Nanny Pavillon Home, spending Friday evening at the three-storey restaurant Lisung the Dago Boutique Resto watching the breathtaking panorama of Bandung … and if this is not enough there are also romantic places like the Api Ungun where you can experience African Safari environment while tasting the popular Indonesian Sop Buntut (oxtail soup). The food tourism in Bandung can be quite enticing but trying to try everything on offer can be quite ambitious too!  But if you want to taste the culinary diversity of Bandung at one place, head to Burangrang Street where you will find more than 60 food stalls and kiosks offering local food. 


Photo of Api Ungun

Bandung’s Luxury Accommodations

 In the region of Bandung there are rainforest resorts that look like something unique to experience. Surely, there are no rainforests in Europe, and it is something I am curious about. There are also tree houses you can stay in and there are some boutique hotels that can make you feel like a royalty. There are also water villas, budget hotels, family-oriented hotels and hotels with infinity pools… However, if you want to stay in the city you have a great choice of stylish hotels like the Intercontinental Bandung whose rooms are spacious and facilities look perfect not only for business travelers but honeymooning couples too. Traveloka.com, the Indonesia’s leading travel app, looks like a good place to start when booking flights and hotels for a trip to Bandung.


Photo: Intercontinental Bandung

Not to forget about the fashion outlets!  

Shopping for fashion in Bandung Indonesia can be a very good deal. For ladies travelling the world, we are looking for affordable, comfortable and (yet) chic clothes to make our life less miserable on the road. The city has numerous factory outlets that you can find in Dago area. The prices of fashion clothes and accessories are lower than in Jakarta and this is one of the favorite places for shopping because there is good quality export products as well as great variety. 

Bandung is great for family travel too 

The Farm House, situated one hour drive from the city center, sounds intriguing to me, even if I have passed the childhood age a long time ago. This place combines agriculture, film, and wanderlust in its hobbit houses and European-styled buildings where children can dress up and feed the animals while their parents enjoy the cool mountain air and views.  



Bandung Indonesia, I wish to have the chance to visit you soon! You have so many faces and incredibly amazing choices of activities, accommodations and ways to savor the local way of life.


This is a sponsored post. However, the information shared and opinions expressed are independent and sincere.  

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  1. Hey Geri,

    those are some pretty good reasons to visit any place 😉

    Finally an Indonesian destination, which is not super-mega-touristy! Thanks for this post and keep up the good work 🙂

    Cheers, N.

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