25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit POCITELJ in Bosna & Herzegovina


Have you ever heard of POCITELJ? No? What’s so interesting about it, I hear you saying? Well, here are 25 photos to inspire you to visit Pocitelj!

Pocitelj is one of these places that stays out of the beaten path but are great to experience the true local life.  As Eastern and Central Europe become easier to visit with developing tourism infrastructure and better services, it is better to find places where you feel alone as a visitor. Travelling is always about appreciation, respect, and curiosity to the local customs and people.

To visit Positelj is easy if you are going to the well-known town of Mostar in the north part of Bosna and Herzegovina and not far from the border with Croatia. 


Pocitelj is welcoming you with simple but rare treasures grown with love by the local people – juicy fruit, sweet and thick jams and strong free from chemicals homemade wine.


All the streets are cobbled and create a special Oriental feel.


The architecture is typical for the Ottoman settlements.


While Pocitelj is still on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Tentative List, it is totally worth visiting. This is even better why reason you should visit the place now because once it is included as a world’s cultural heritage site flows of tourists will start frequenting the site.


Life is simple and fruitful here.


Around every corner lies a story.


Walking to the fort at the top of the hill is a must! From there you can see the whole Valley of Neretva River turning around the village and you can take some beautiful photos.



First recorded proof of Pocitelj’s existence is from 1444 but after the Ottoman invasion the place was totally changed by dividing it in two areas – public with baths, mosque and bazaar and residential.




The notable sites in Pocitelj are: the The Hadzi-Alija Mosque, Sisman-Ibrahimpasina medresa and the Gavran Kapetanovic house , all of them can be visited.

13-Hadzi-Alija Mosque -Pocitelj

The Hadzi-Alija Mosque was build in 1562, destroyed in 1993 during the war in Bosnia and reconstructed in 2005.


“Get lost to find yourself.” Pocitelj is one of these places.


The time has stopped and it is funny how the modern stuff blends with the centuries of history and millennium of nature.


Search for the colors.


The cobbled streets will bring you to the top of the hill where the magnificent view of Neretva Valley will stop your breath.


Perfectly situated on the way between Dubrovnik and Mostar, the two main tourist sites in the region, stopping for short visit in Pocitelj will give you a totally different experience.


Pocitelj is 2 hours drive (132 km) from Dubrovnik and 30 min from Mostar (30 km).



People are simple and kind. There is an international artistic colony that hosts different programs for painters from all over the world. 



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What other not well known historical towns did you visit? Can you give some names in the comments to inspire other fellow travellers to visit them too?

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  1. we loved B & H – great article and reminds me of a wonderful time we had there and our special memories – love your website and glad I found it !

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