Pros and Cons of Visiting Sherlock Holmes Museum in London

visiting Sjerlock Holmes Museum in London

These pros and cons of visiting the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London will help you decide whether it is worth to spend your money there or not. After all, there are hundreds of museums you can choose from in the UK’s capital!


Sherlock Holmes Museum is one of the most popular museums in London.  Situated in the original 221b Baker Street, today the museum is one of the most visited by tourists.


Sherlock Holmes Museum opening hours


If you like crime stories and novels, like me, you probably will be interested in seeing the house where Sherlock Holmes “lived”;  according to the novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Well, I did visit the museum and here is what I think about the museum and the experience of visiting it.



Sherlock Holmes museum visit


What’s interesting?

The atmosphere of the house at 221b Baker Street is really authentic, at least it feels like.

The house is typically narrow with small rooms and you have real feel of London

The staff is of young people, helpful and kind.


Sherlock Holmes museum London


Easily accessible address, near to Madame Tussaud Museum so you can combine the visit of the two museums.


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The museum shop is on the ground floor and from where you can buy the entrance tickets. The gift shop has an interesting selection of items associated with the stories of Sherlock Holmes and you can easily find a gift for someone you love or even for yourself if you wish to.


visiting Sherlock Holmes museum in London


Why you can skip this visit:


Unlike most of the museums in London that are free of charge, this one has an entrance fee which is 15 £ for adults and 10£ for children under 16 years.


Sherlock Holmes Museum


You will not learn anything more than you can learn from the books about Sherlock Holmes. It is the feeling that you get and you will need to make your imagination working to fantasize about the famous detective in this house.


Another of the famous London museums that is much funnier and close as a location to Sherlock Holmes Museum, is the Madame Tussaud Museum


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 The stairs are narrow and steep, the rooms are small. You can’t stay long in the place even if you want. In this way your stay is limited and you maybe will feel pressed by the crowd to leave the premises earlier than you wish.


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 The museum’s website is really simple and even if you can find all the necessary information to plan your visit it is poorly displayed and very limited. 


 This is just my own point of view. It’s up to you to decide if you ABSOLUTELY want to visit this museum or to spend the time in the other numerous, free of charge museums in London



You might be better entertained on this tour! 



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