Have an Unadventurous Partner? 5 Ways to Convince Your Partner to Travel with You

Ways to Convince Your Partner to Travel with You

If you’ve got a heart that was meant to see the world, but your partner would rather cozy up at home, it can cause significant friction in a relationship. You want to take in as much as you can and live life to the fullest, but the idea of leaving your partner behind is heartbreaking. You don’t just want to have these experiences, you want to share them with the person you love. Here are a few ways to convince your partner to travel with you.


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how to Convince Your Partner to Travel with You

Address Anxieties

For some people, the reluctance to travel comes from a place of fear, not disinterest. Many people fear flying, or catching some rare disease, or that they will become a victim of a crime. Whatever you do, don’t scoff at these very real anxieties. If your partner is afraid of flying, plan a cruise. If they are nervous about exotic diseases, present some research about the risk of disease in your planned destination, and countermeasures that you can take to keep yourselves safe.



Take Care of the Details

Let’s face it; planning a trip is a lot of work. Between booking lodging and transportation, making sure all of your documentation is in order and packing, there is a lot to organize and do before you can hit the road. Agree to handle all of it. If that sounds unfair, you’re probably right. But if you really want to convince someone to go with you, making it easy is the way to go. If all they have to do is show up and follow your lead, they may be a lot more willing to join you. If they enjoy the travel, they may become more involved in the planning for future trips.


what to do if your partner does not want to travel

Ask for Input

Talk to your partner about things that they would like to do, and plan trips around that. Or better yet, surprise them with a destination vacation that they can’t say no to. Tickets to see their favouritesports team play in their home stadium, or a winery tour for the foodie. Giving them some say in where you go and what you do will prove that you care for their opinion. And that’s a great way to convince them to give the journey a go. Making sure that there will be something for them to do can go a long way to getting them hooked on travel.



Start Small

If your partner doesn’t like getting out of their comfort zone, you can take small steps. Begin with a weekly dinner outing to try new restaurants. Then move onto day trips to local destinations like breweries or national parks. Once they’re used to getting out and doing things, you can plan a weekend getaway at a destination that’s close enough to travel to in less than a day, but far enough that you have to stay overnight. From there, you can plan a week-long cross-county vacation. Once these have all gone well, you can start broaching the subject of international travel and some serious time abroad.


make Your Partner to Travel with You

Responsible Budgeting

Your partner may be worried about the expense involved in taking vacations abroad. Think about how you intend to pay for the trip ahead of time. Set up a “travel fund” that you contribute to regularly and consider destinations that tend to have lower costs.


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Finding a reliable travel agent can go a long way towards helping you locate the safest and most affordable places to visit. Booking some cheap lodging at someone’s house instead of forcing your partner to go for the most expensive hotel is another smart idea to ease their budget fears. If you approach the subject of taking a trip with all the financial concerns worked out ahead of time, you should have better luck convincing them that you can afford the trip.


So even if your partner isn’t keen on the idea of leaving behind the comforts of home in favor of the unknown, hope is not lost. Follow these tips to plant the seeds of adventure so you can spend your travels with the person you love.



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