What I Have Learned from the Japanese Women (And You Can Too!)


While traveling, every woman learns something that changes her life in a way that she even don’t realizes until one day it becomes obvious As a regular traveler, I’m sure you find yourself realizing that what you see in the world and think about life is quite different from what your friends with sedentary life do. In this post I would like to share with you my observations and what I have learned from the Japanese women during my trip to Japan.  It is one of the countries that can teach you the most!  I am sorry to haven’t been enough cheeky to make more photos of locals in Japan to visualize my thoughts. But there, it just doesn’t feel write to disturb the people!


The classic elegance is eternal! All of Japanese women – from young to elderly, have a fashion style of Parisians. Soft hues, quality materials, classic models. And it fits them very well. It proves that classical style is always good choice – no matter of ethnicity, skin color and age. 🙂 


The shoes!

I and my friends were joking about the shoes that Japanese ladies were wearing – they were all too big for them. Until I realized that it is a way to keep your feet healthy. As most of the women in Japan wear high heels (during the whole day!!) they are using shoes larger than their size. In this way when their feet bloat, it doesn’t become nightmare to wear them. I may look stupid, but it is totally new concept for me! How I didn’t think about it before?!


Skin Care

The skin care is of primary concern for the female beauty. To keep their skin spotlessly shining, the Japanese women hide their faces from the sun (in Japan you can find the largest and most beautiful collection of sun umbrellas for walking) and use cleansing products with natural ingredients. The beauty products in Japan have light texture and gives soft and fine feel on your skin.


Smile for Beauty 

The smile is the main beautifying tool. For Japanese people is very natural to smile at everybody. It is easy to get polite smile from a stranger on the street even if he doesn’t understand what you are asking. And ladies smiles are so delicate and make Japanese women look stylish and classy. You can just learn from them!


Experiment, experiment and experiment

Always experiment with your clothing style. Have fun with trying new styles, take risk with colors and create some artistic outfits. Play role. As Shakespeare once said: “All the world’s a stage, and all the man and women merely players.” In Japan you can see the strangest fashions styles and fashion cults on the planet. When in Japan, take a time to see them and plan to visit to Harajuku, the area in Tokyo where the Japanese youth is gathering. There you can see street style created by endless imagination – from Lolita’s to aristocratic, avant-garde and Gothic and many more.


What did you learn from the women in the countries where you travel? Do you use these lessons in your daily life? I will be happy if your share your thoughts in the comments. 🙂 Let’s spread the knowledge!

xx Geri

2 Comments on “What I Have Learned from the Japanese Women (And You Can Too!)

  1. Very interesting observations, I thought Japaneese women were more into acid-bright and unusual style these days.
    After 4 months of living in North of England, local women taught me (or rather surprised me) with total absence of shame about their body shape. Shorts and extra-small tops with huge tatooed bellies – I’ve never seen that before, and I must say I prefer plumpy women that way rather than being hidden under the shapeles bags in the dark corners of the rooms 😀

    • I absolutely agree with you! In every country we can learn from the local women – good or bad, it is we who decide how to see the things 🙂

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