What Is Beautiful? New Book Answers the Question

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What is Beautiful? Is there such thing as universal beauty? Many people search for answers to this question and here it is – the newly published book that gives not one, but 500 answers.

I am always interested and in search of women who travel with purpose; ladies who want not only to see the world but also to change it for better. One such woman is Mihaela Noroc, a photographer who travels the world to capture the universal beauty in its most natural and representative environment.

Mihaela in Corfu, Greece

Mihaela in Corfu, Greece

The Atlas of Beauty Project

Mihaela Noroc is a Romanian photographer who left her job and committed to a project that has on focus women’s beauty but also social issues connected with female population all over the world.  

Since the beginning of her project in 2013, she has travelled to 45 countries and made incredible with their simplicity portraits of women. These women look very different in their traditional clothes, skin colour or background environment but, as Mihaela says, they are similar with the feel of warmth and serenity which they carry.

police woman in India

Police woman in India

For Mihaela, her project is not just a collection of beautiful faces. Her wish is to help people all over the world to see that diversity is something good, no reason for wars and conflicts. She opposes her The Atlas of Beauty project to the “Atlas of Wars, Conflicts & Fear”, as she calls the content of the mass media we consume each day.


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Social Responsibility

Her desire is also that her project will make the society more aware of the women’s issues and will increase the level of respect to the women worldwide. She says she noticed a lot of discrimination towards women during her travels and wishes that her photography will change that in some way.

woman in Afghanistan

girl in Afghanistan


One of the photos she shared was taken in the refugee camp in Idomeni, Greece. A place where tens of thousands of refugees are waiting to see what the future will become. She photographed a young woman from Syria, and her beauty stands out in contrast with the background that is the reality in the camp. With this photo, she wants to give ‘silent’ voice to these women and to attract attention to the lives women in these camps have, something which is not widely documented and should be spoken more often.


Amazon Rainforest

in the Amazonian rainforest

The Universal Beauty

In the Atlas of beauty ordinary women stand at front of the photographer who travels the world and shows their pride of their culture. Mihaela meets these women on the streets, sometimes just for a minute or less, she has to capture the uniqueness of the woman. She says that everything is in the eyes. Through her camera, she tries to dive into her eyes because eyes don’t lie.


My goal is to show that beauty is everywhere and is not about race, money or trends, but more about being yourself, natural and authentic.


Beauty is not a matter of cosmetics, money, race or social status, but more about being yourself. We are beautiful because we are different and it’s a pity that global trends make us look and behave the same.


woman in Cuba

a woman in Cuba

The Atlas of Beauty Book

Mihaela plans to continue her travels around the world to capture the universal beauty and to look for the unnoticed beauty in the ordinary people.


In 2017 she plans to publish the first edition of her photo book “The Atlas of Beauty” to show the universe of beautiful diversity around the world.  Now, you can order her book. 



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*All photos belong to The Atlas of  Beauty & Mihaela Noroc. 



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