8 Reasons Why Visit COSTA RICA This Year

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In a search for new destinations, destinations that are both well touristy developed and having a strong policy in terms of responsible travel, I discovered a place that, although well known to many, is far from the point to be overcrowded and stressful. Costa Rica has a well-functioning vacationing machine – beach resorts and planned tours. But Costa Rica has another side too – remote beaches, deep rainforests and unique fauna and flora that make the adventurer in you feel like a Robinson Crusoe.


Why Visit Costa Rica?


1 – 25% of the Costa Rican territory is covered with national parks

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The biodiversity of Costa Rica includes tropical dry, wet and rain forests, beaches and several regions with varied climate and geographical conditions. This makes the country one of the best in the world for visitors interested in adventure travel, nature, and beach lovers.

The Blue Flag national program together with other eco-tourism and eco-protection programs that the Costa Rican government runs over the years, make it sure that the country’s bio-diversity will stay the same in future.

If you are a responsible traveller, Costa Rica is a place for you!


2 – Costa Rica does not have an army!

The 2016 Global Peace Index Report names Costa Rica as the best country in Central America and the Caribbean region. This is due to the ongoing from a long time policy of peace and neutrality.  It is difficult to believe that the country has no army (constitutionally abolished in 1949) and still succeeded to stay away from external and internal conflicts. This, of course, has resulted in higher standards of living.


3 – One of the happiest and the greenest countries in the world

Costa Ricans are one of the happiest people on the planet! As Forbes put it – Want to be happy? Move to Costa Rica!

Several of the reasons for this happiness are included in this article – rich and well-preserved environment, sustainable foreign and domestic policy; high level of medical care; pleasant climate and cultural and biodiversity.


4 – Flora & Fauna and Climate

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Tourism in Costa Rica is a synonym to eco-tourism. One of the most popular tourist destinations for nature lovers, Costa Rica has the greatest density of species in the world. Animal species vary from jaguar to large variety of birds.

For every woman, it is an amazing chance to try the traditional beauty and health therapies that use natural produce so easily available throughout the country. Look for the nature spas where coffee beans, coconut oil, and brown sugar are used to exfoliate and re-energize your skin.

The country’s location makes it interesting because of the many microclimates. Although it is a tropical country, the climate in the different regions depends on elevation, topography, and rainfalls.


5 – Variety of regions to visit

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The natural richness of Costa Rica comes from the regional variety. For example – the Central Pacific is the most visited region because of its national parks and beaches; the Central Valley is the heart of the country where the capital San Jose is situated; Caribbean Costa Rica is the least visited region of the country because of the mosquitoes, but for the brave ones it is an amazing place to visit, especially for its rich multicultural setting; Guanacaste is known as the ‘dry region’ and offers some of the most interesting volcanic parks, amazing beaches with good conditions for surfing. However, South Pacific Costa Rica is the most biodiverse region on the planet and has some of the best remote beaches too.


6 – Heavenly Beaches

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You can’t go to Costa Rica and not go to some of its magnificent tropical beaches! The better known are those in the Pacific and Central Pacific regions as well as those in Guanacaste. Less frequented, wild beaches you will find on the Caribbean side where the eco-tourism is the king. 


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Although the beaches of Costa Rica look like pieces of heaven, you should be aware of the dangers sleeping near. Crocodiles and bull sharks are common in some parts of the country. Be especially vigilant when swimming, surfing and snorkelling and ask the locals what are the most dangerous places.


7 – Food

The Costa Rican cuisine seems to be very close to the Cuban food – simple but filling, and not spicy. The mixture of rice and beans (probably the most usual everyday Cuban meal) in Costa Rica is commonly served at breakfast.

As a tropical heaven, Costa Rica provides a large choice of fresh fruits. Their taste and texture are much better than the ones you have can taste in your country. Freshly squeezed juices are easily available and affordable.  


8 – Eco-lodges

In a country where people care about the environment and nature cherished by every generation, eco-lodges take deservedly place in the tourism industry. Although there are many good choices of accommodation in Costa Rica, a stay in eco-lodge will give a unique experience and priceless memories.

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Visa & Travel

To enter the country, the citizens of most countries do not need to apply for a visa prior to arrival and can stay for up to 90 days. If you travel from Europe, a good option is to fly with Air France directly to San Jose, as the company provides a proven quality and comfort of the flight.



cover photo: Filip Mroz 

Photos by: ntipping.com

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Have you been to Costa Rica? What was the place/or activity/ you loved the most?



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  1. Very well put, Geri!

    Costa Rica is one of my favourite destinations and everyone should visit it at least once 🙂

    Cheers, N.

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