4 Reasons Why Visit KORCULA Island in Croatia

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One of the Most Interesting Croatian Islands 

Why visit Korcula Island? There are so many Croatian islands along the Dalmatian coast, why is Korcula worth visiting?

If you have been to Croatia, you are probably already in love with the country. Its blue sea and wide-open sea views can’t let you apathetic. There are many reasons why visit Korcula Island, but I shortlisted the four most important that summarise all charms of the place. 

Why Visit Korcula Island? Because of the History 

Korcula Island has ancient roots. Ever more interesting, it claims to be the birthplace of Marco Polo. This claim is not supported by irrefutable evidence but it sounds possible because of the medieval atmosphere which the old town still has. You can easily imagine Marco Polo walking on the streets. 

The first settlement is said to be founded in 12th century BC and the island was a territory of the Roman Empire as a part of the Dalmatian province. Probably because of its separateness as an island, the old streets, buildings and the overall feel of the place remain of old time. 

Why Visit Korcula Island? Because of the Italian Spirit

The Italian influence can be felt all over the island. The architecture and the narrow streets, the delicious local cuisine based on seafood and chilled local wines, all will remind you of Italy. You really have the impression of walking in another Venice.  So girls, if you like Italy, you will definitely like Korcula! 🙂

Why Visit Korcula Island? Because of the Sea Views

Same as the splendid vistas from the top of Hvar Island, the sea here is the main actor. The contrast between white stones and blue water is stunning! During the summer the sea around the island is crowded with sailing boats and each of them adds a colourful detail to the picture.

Why Visit Korcula Island? Because It Is Too Small for Mass Tourism 

Staying at Korcula Island feels like you are at a small boutique hotel. Its peaceful atmosphere makes it a perfect place for a people who love peace and quiet. Though the island is easily accessible and not far from the mainland it looks like and feels like, as a lost piece of earth in the middle of an ocean. If you want to rest in a fascinating location in full comfort and far from the crowds – this is a place for you. 

Have you been to Croatia? What is your favourite place on the Adriatic coast? 

why visit Korcula Island in Croatia


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