Why Visit Schonbrunn Palace in November?


November and December are the best months of the year when you can combine different travel experiences in Europe. Like most of the women travellers, you are probably interested in sightseeing but also fascinated by the whole Christmas euphoria.


Why Visit Schonbrunn Palace during the Christmas Period?


Christmas is the time to visit Vienna. The whole central part of the city is illuminated and coloured so that the visitors can feel the Christmas spirit everywhere. But it is worth to make a step aside from the centre and to visit the Schonbrunn Palace. In this way, you will have full travel experience – visiting one of the landmarks of Vienna but also taking participation in the early Christmas celebrations by stopping by for tasting the punch or making some gift shopping at the Christmas market right in front of the palace.




Schonbrunn Palace is the former summer imperial residence, now situated in Hietzing district of Vienna. The glorious building is designed in Rococo style and its vast gardens are beautifully decorated with sculptures. The palace is the best-loved attraction in the Austrian capital and when you face its classical beauty you will no longer wonder why.





Tickets and Tours

You have a choice between few tours such as Imperial Tour – 22 rooms covered, Grand Tour – 40 rooms and Sisi Ticket with which you can visit not only Schonbrunn Palace but also Hofburg Palace and the Imperial Furniture Collection. The prices are in the range of 11, 50 to 32, 50 €.

More information on the tour options you can find HERE.







The Christmas market takes place at the Parade Court of Schonbrunn Palace. The market opens late November and it closes on 26th December. However, from 27th December until 1st January at the place, you can find the New Year’s market.


What you can find there:

Traditional food and drinks – you should not go home without tasting the fragrant Christmas punch and the sweet Brezeln. The punch is served in porcelain mugs branded by Schonbrun Palace. Their design is different every year and you can see mine in the picture below. If you want to keep the mug and take it home, it cost 2 €. Now every time when I have a tea at home, I remember the magical trip to Vienna that we did last year. Beautiful and practical, isn’t it?  


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On the market, you will also find a lot of small beautiful items, handmade and traditional for Austria that can play an important role on your list of Christmas gifts for the loved ones. It is an original and unique experience that you can bring back home with you and share with those you stayed at home.




At this time of the year, the Christmas atmosphere is everywhere around you in Vienna. But at the Christmas market in front of the Schonbrunn Palace, you feel as it is out of the city; as if you are visiting a village in the countryside. It’s what I liked most. And it looked like to me that the local people enjoy this too – the crowd around the stalls was a mixture of tourists and local people.

The palace is a lovely setting for the perfect Christmas holiday trip!






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Where was your best Christmas trip so far? Why did you like it (or not)?


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