You have heard about Law of Attraction. You probably understand that your thoughts are creating your own reality. Visualization, as it is known, is very important factor in the process of achieving your goals. You want to be happy, successful and better person and all the personal development experts will tell you that you need to have clear vision of what or who you want to become.

There is no difference with achieving your travel goals. You probably have a long list of places you want to visit and somehow deeply in your mind you belief that it’s not possible to travel far or extensively. But ‘impossible’ is not forever. If you cannot do something now it doesn’t mean you will not be able to do it in the future. Vision boards work and I tell you that from my own experience. My travel vision board maybe is not the most beautiful one but it’s keeping all my travel dreams alive and right at front of my eyes. When I’m at home I like to look at it while taking my morning coffee and try to figure out what is the next destination I will have the chance to visit. It is really nice and positive process. It’s because the dreams come true with the time and with every new photo you become more certain that all of your dreams will be your reality one day. You just have to believe it and travel vision board helps you do that.

These are just few of the benefits you can get  from creating your own travel vision board:

  • The board will make you smile every time you look at it
  • Will help you clarify your travel wishes so you can really focus on the destinations that matter the most for you
  • Will keep you inspired and push you start planning
  • Will keep you focused and positive

travel vision board

You can use whatever tool you like to create your travel vision board. Board on the wall is the old verified way for inspiration but if you have to take your board with you everywhere you may prefer to download an app. One very good option is Pinterest. Create an account and start collecting your inspiration into albums. You can check how mine looks like here: WWT Travel Vision Board 

The elements that your board should include are:

  • Images – as we have said, visualization is the key
  • Positive emotions – all elements on your board should bring only positive response in your mind
  • Personalisation – customize your board as much as possible, dig deep into your soul for your real wishes and don’t get influenced by others in your travel decisions.
  • Strategic position – place your board to be easily accessible for you. You need to have maximum exposure in order to make your subconscious mind work at its best.
  • Update your board. As soon as it doesn’t reflect your inner feelings, update it.

I hope I convinced you to make your own travel vision board. As with everything in life, making the decision is the first step. Your first step today is to visualize your travel dreams!

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