Would You Use These Women’s Travel Gadgets?

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Inventions that can make your adventures much easier and enjoyable


Despite of my expat life, trips to many countries and meeting with different cultures, I remain a very traditional person. I need time and conviction to change the way I travel. That’s why these women’s travel gadgets look strange to me.


But what is for sure is that I am always looking for products of GOOD QUALITY. I don’t care about the brand or price (well, the price is always important). Inexpensiveness sometimes can be very expensive. What matters to me the most is that I can rely on the product in which I invest. This relates to both my daily purchases and goods that I buy once in a lifetime.


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That’s why I am curious how you would react to the list with travel gadgets below. Would you be willing to try some of them without having recommendations from someone who already used it or will wait to see what other users have to say? I guess I’m from the second ones.


Menstrual Cups





What is a menstrual cup? The first time I have heard of it I was thinking: “What the hell! It is not natural!” Well, I’m sure in the past people reacted the same way about many inventions that we accept as totally normal now.

A menstrual cup is a silicone cup, bell-shaped. It is made from medical grade material that does not contain harmful chemicals. At least it is what the producers are saying. As you understood, I’m always sceptical at the beginning.

Women who have used them list a few advantages of using these cups:

  • Easy to use and less messy
  • Do not create trash
  • Help you to save money because they are reusable
  • Good for the environment as there is no need for disposal of the used product
  • Great for travelers because it takes less space and always at hand when you need it



Women’s Portable Urination Device



This one sounds even weirder than the menstrual cup – a device that allows you to pee like a man?! Apparently this is not a new product but now with the increase of the female travel, they become more popular.

“Stand-to-pee (as it is also called) device is created to ease the women when they spend time outdoors or in cases of some medical conditions. If you are a ‘camping’ girl it may be very useful to you. To me, it still looks “unnatural”.

Advantages of using portable urination device:

  • More hygienic, especially when you use common restrooms
  •  There is a large choice of size and materials – plastic, silicone, even paper made; some are disposable, others reusable
  • Simple to use


Scrubba Wash Bag


women's travel gadgets - scrubba washbag


Scrubba wash bag is the lightest and most compact “washing machine”, as you can read on their website. Thanks to its flexible internal washboard, for 3 minutes by pressing down and rubbing your clothes will get machine quality wash. Isn’t it great?



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It helps you to:

  • Wash easily and anywhere your clothes during travel
  • Allows you to pack fewer clothes for the trip
  • Save money and time by using your own “washing machine”



  • Do not use electric power
  • Effective and easy to use
  • Best for extensive travel and outdoor activities like trekking and camping
  • It is suitable for business travelers too





women's travel gadget sleepbox


Sleepbox concept was built to respond to the need of private yet flexible resting place raised by the increasing number of people travelling. It is a Russian invention and as such, you should not be surprised to see the sleek cabins of Sleepbox Hotel at the Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport and in other central parts of the Russian capital.

I find this concept extremely good as it provides privacy and some sort of safety, which is especially important for the female travelers.

Sleepbox brand offers few models (from Classic to Disabled Use and even Customizable) and all of them in single, double or even triple accommodation facilities. The interesting thing is that these boxes can provide luxury accommodation too, which is different from the ‘capsule hotels’ so popular in Asia.

Would you like to try these sleep boxes? I certainly do!



 The First Customizable Travel Shoe


women's travel gadgets-customisable travel shoes



What do you think about shoes that you can customize and assembly as you wish, depending on your needs?

This KickStarter project is aimed once again to help the travelers. We all know how important the shoes are during the days that we spend walking for hours. Often we need different sole for the different activities like hiking or night out in the city.


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The idea of this product concept is to be able to change the look and the usability of your one pair of shoes to fit any need you may have during your travel.

Not a bad idea, I would definitely like to have one of these! However, in the future, they should work more on womanly styles shoes.



The Travel Bra


women's travel gadgets-the travel bra



This is another great invention that helps the women to stay safe and keep their most valuable belongings protected from pickpockets – your passport, credit cards, and cash.



The travel bra is made by organic cotton and bamboo that are both anti-micro bacterial and highly breathable. The bra comes in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes and at the moment is just in black color. It has a few pockets designed to store your valuables.

The company offers a similar solution to men travelers as well. Check their Men’s Travel Trunk.


Quicksand Mat


women's travel gadgest-quicksand mat



This is another Australian invention and honestly my favorite from the whole list. I cannot imagine a better investment for the upcoming summer and a beach vacation than this sand-free mat.


Can you imagine a day on the beach without the sand sticking on your wet (or oiled against sunburn body, in my case) skin? I can pee in the normal, female way and I can surely wash my clothes by hand as I am not big adventure junkie, but I surely will appreciate a product that will keep my sensitive skin from irritation caused by the microscopic sand grains.  


The Quicksand mat is enough large to accommodate more than one person (where is the fun if you are alone?!) and comes in few nice summer colors. The mat is made from high-density polyethene and is washable.



What is the women’s travel gadget that you would like to have and why?





If you check carefully, you will see that many of the new innovations for travellers are created by Australian companies. It speaks a lot about the adventure spirit of this nation and the current travel trends.


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